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Obama: Tax Increases To Fund Business Welfare

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"You will take the tax increase and you WILL like it.  It's for your own good!"

It's for the good of the economy.

Tax increases are good for the economy.  Use of increased tax revenue to subsidize businesses is good for the economy.

So says the smartest man in the world that ever was.

Obama Looks to Direct Expiring Tax Cuts Revenue to Business

With the job market stuck in neutral, the Obama administration is moving toward using the revenue from expiring tax cuts for the wealthy to finance about $35 billion of tax cuts for small businesses and workers, administration and congressional officials said Friday.

"We need to take further steps to create jobs and keep the economy growing, including extending tax cuts for the middle class and investing in the areas of our economy where the potential for job growth is greatest," the president said in the Rose Garden Friday, flanked by his economic team.

This man actually believes that increasing taxes on business owners will cause businesses to increase their hiring.  In what reality is this ever possible?!?!?

The White House is ready to redirect the tax cuts, arguing that most of the tax increases would hit households with incomes topping $1 million.

"If the Republicans are bent on spending an additional $35 billion [next year]…extending the tax cuts for the wealthiest, those that are making that million dollars, is the least stimulative way to impact our economy," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.

As long as taxes are going up, people will hold on to their money.  As long as taxes are going up, businesses will hold off of major hiring.  As the previous jobs reports showed, businesses are doing more part-time hiring.


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