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Thoughts For The Day

Obama administration sues Arizona for wanting to check the citizenship status of people stopped while it gives green light to Georgia to check the citizenship status of people wanting to register to vote.

Obama administration sues Sheriff Joe, for doing his job, over non-compliance after telling him he is in full compliance.

From the Pirate's Cove we have our third "Thoughts For The Day".  The Obama administration arrests and convicts a man for selling guns to a man who had a valid Texas ID.  The man turned out to be an illegal.  And, I believe a stinger. 

Thus, the Feds are employing illegals using LEGAL ID to arrest legal citizens. 

The man arrested said it best:

“I guess you need ask them for their documentation too; if the police aren’t going to profile why should the common citizen have to”...

His sentence? 

Austin’s Federal Judge Sam Sparks sentenced Copeland to spend the next 6-months at a federal work camp followed by 2-years of probation.

If the Feds and police are not going to ask for citizenship status, then why should the common citizen!! As Teach puts it so eloquently:

The illegal had valid ID, yet, Copeland was the one arrested and sentenced. If Copeland had asked for more, he would have been in violation of federal “supremacy” laws, ya know. Perhaps the ATF could have arrested the illegals?

Why is it illegal to sell firearms to illegals?  The federal government makes it legal to give or sell thousands of other goods and services to them.  They have forced us to rent homes.  They have forced us to give loans, give welfare including food stamps, give education, give college education, and to give social security.  The list goes on and on. 

But heaven forbid an average american citizen doing his daily duty and sees a valid ID is arrested for selling to an illegal stinger.

Had enough hypocrisy America?  Had enough of this government harassing legal citizens to protect illegals?


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