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Obama: GOP To Blame For Everything Wrong. Ever!

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Waaaahh.  Why they always pickin on me?

Seriously?  Obama just didn't say that?  Did he?

Mr. Obama also used Monday’s appearance here to deliver a hearty defense of his policies and take a few whacks at Republicans. “They talk about me like a dog,” the president said. “That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true.” And Mr. Obama repeatedly referred to the House Republican leader, Representative John Boehner, as “the man who wants to be speaker.”

Wow.  Did he just say that?  That sounds an awful lot like a "muslim" rant, doesn't it?.  Care to offer any real proof there Commandant?  Or are you just lying again?

[UPDATE]  GOT IT!  Drudge remembered the reference.  It was he himself who called him a dog. 

Waaah. It's not my fault.  It's them rotten kids..... in the Republican party.  heh heh.  Yet. Not even Obama's town paper is buying it.

A combative President Barack Obama rolled out a long-term jobs program Monday that would exceed $50 billion to rebuild roads, railways and runways, and coupled it with a blunt campaign-season assault on Republicans for causing Americans' hard economic times.

Uh. Yeah.  Who's been in charge since 2006!?!?

So, what was the whole point behind the Trillion dollar stimuls package that has yet to be spent?  I thought itwas supposed to put shovels on the ground?  If we have $300 billion left in the Stimuls, then why do we need another $50 billion to do the same thing?!?!?

But, let's go ahead and shift focus away from the source of all ills...

At a Labor Day speech in Milwaukee, Obama said Republicans are betting that between now and the Nov. 2 elections, Americans will forget the Republican economic policies that led to the recession. He said Republicans have opposed virtually everything he has done to help the economy, and have proposed solutions that have only made the problem worse.

Wait.  Which is it?  Did they do this to us, or are their inactions preventing a recovery?  Uh. Yeah.  Who's been in charge since 2006!?!?  And, how can opposing your Socislist policies make problem worse when it was only the DEMS passing whatever they wanted to?  How can proposing a solution make a problem worse?!!!? 

Uh. Yeah.  Who's been in charge since 2006!?!?  Can't blame minority party for things that your party passes.

"That philosophy didn't work out so well for middle-class families all across America," Obama told a cheering crowd at a labor gathering. "It didn't work out so well for our country. All it did was rack up record deficits and result in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression."

OMG!!!  In what reality would this ever make sense?!?!?!

Who's been in charge since 2006!?!?   Who led to the highest unemployment since the GREAT Depression?!?!  Who has seen deficits sore to uber-record highs with no results (of course)!?!?  You cant blame Republicans for inaction when your polcies get enacted without them anyway.

Who's been in charge since 2006!?!?  Who are the ones that enacted Trillions in spending that can't be paid for.... that led to these record deficits!?!?!?


Well, anyway, what's up with this new legislation?  What will it do?  What will it cost?  How will it work?

The White House offered sketchy details of the plan during a background briefing for reporters Monday. Senior administration officials said they had no estimate of how many jobs would be created, but that it would be a “a substantial number.” And they declined to specify the total cost of the transportation package, other than saying that the initial $50 billion would represent a substantial chunk of it.

Way to lay out a plan there.  If $50 Billion is substantial, then does that mean the number of "substantial" jobs will be 50 billion?

So, let's try this again.  What will it do?  What will it cost?  How will it work?

Mr. Obama also called for what the White House is describing as an “infrastructure bank” that would focus on paying for national and regional transportation projects by pooling private money with public investment.

Wait.... Is that legal?  Why, how, would private industry pay to construct PUBLIC highways and airport runways?  Are we going to start seeing sections of interstate highways changed from names like "I-40" to "Pepsi-Co Thru-Way"??

And what is this "bank" he is talking about?

He said the bank would eliminate a patchwork system in which transportation projects are financed through Congressional earmarks rather than based on merit.

The idea, the president said here, is to create “competition and innovation that gives us the best bang for the buck.”

Tell me again how you have competition on funding?  I thought the taxpayers were the only source of revenue for federal projects?

And once again, he is taking power away from Congress with this proposal.  And don't we already have a transportation budget that determines who and what gets funded?  This plan will leave it up to non-elected people to decide who gets their roads fixed?!?!?  If you oppose his party or his plan, or make some unfriendly remarks, then you can see your funding cut.

How's that for Change and a new era of working together and changing the "old-boy" network.  Seems they are making it much worse.  Or, is it just more Socialistic?

And who came up with this plan?

The idea for an infrastructure initiative, and in particular an infrastructure bank to leverage public money for private investment, is one that the White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has been promoting for some time within the West Wing.

Can someone please tell me what the heck that means?  So, another plan to give public money for private use was developed by Rahm Emanuel, who of course is known for his vast construction and transportation experience.

Does no one see anything wrong with giving public money to private industries? 

OK.. stupid question in this day and age.  (when the Constitution doesn't exist)

Will this transportation bank actually work on transportation?

President Obama, looking for ways to jump-start the sagging economy and create new jobs, called on Congress on Monday to approve a far-reaching plan to rebuild and modernize the nation’s transportation networks — roads, rail and airport runways — over the next six years.

Over the next six years,” Mr. Obama promised “we are going to rebuild 150,000 miles of our roads — that’s enough to circle the world six times; that’s a lot of road. We’re going to lay and maintain 4,000 miles of our railways — enough to stretch coast-to-coast. We’re going to restore 150 miles of runways and advance a next-generation air-traffic control system to reduce travel time and delays for American travelers — I think everybody can agree on that.”

Mr. Obama vowed that the plan, which would include work on high-speed rail lines,...

WOW.  Alot of stuff there.  SIX YEARS!?!?  Why six years?  Why not do it now?  Why not get it done as soon as you can thus employing more people now?

And this will be used to rebuild what?  Roads, rail, runways, and highspeed rail?  No wonder they mentioned giving money to private companies... 3 of those 4 are privately owned.  Well, two of those four are.  Runways are state or city controlled.

There is no reason why federal funds should be going to anything other than federal highway projects.  Period!!

150,000 miles of roads?!?!?  There aren't that many miles of federal roads.  Thus once again, they are creating another program to bypass Congress to disperse federal funds to fund state and county road construction projects. 

This is nothing but establishing a tyranny.  He and his socialist cronies are 3/4 the way there.

Railways are privately owned.  There is no reason, NO REASON, to subsidize profitable railway RECONSTRUCTION unless the primary purpose is to give rail unions tons of money.

So, NO Mr President.  I do not agree to this.  This is just a way for you to funnel more money to unions and to bypass Congress' power to regulate funding.

And of course, he has to throw in that this will be his so-called "deficit neutral" again. 

You know when he says that, that your taxes are going up.  Way up. 

That's the only way with Democrats.

People, don't let this happen.  Tell the Democrat Socialists this November that you are tired of Socialism and the growing tyranny in the president.  Vote for anyone but a Democrat this coming election.

Well, except when it comes to John McCain and Lindsey Graham.


(whew, was that long enough?)



#1 DMartyr 09-Sep-2010

Why they always pickin on me?

FECK! Do you know how long I'm going to have that damn song in my head now?


#2 captainfish 09-Sep-2010

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  great music

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