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AOS: "Iran's Nuclear Program Moving Along Quite Nicely, Thank You"

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Don't worry, Obama says they just make donuts here.

From Drew's post on Ace of Spades, comes this latest post, "IAEA: Iran's Nuclear Program Moving Along Quite Nicely, Thank You".  This post is how Obama has failed the world once again.

Key point from their linked article:

A report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Iranian nuclear scientists had made at least 22 kilograms of enriched uranium at least 20 per cent purity, a technical hurdle that is the hardest to overcome on the way to weapons-grade uranium.

Experts estimate that 20 kgs of uranium is the minimum required to arm a warhead. The uranium would still need to have its purity raised to 90 per cent, but that is a relatively easy process.

Thank you Obama.  Thank you Bush.  Your inactions have led us down this suicide path that could lead to Israel's destruction.

And, our president's reliance upon the UN and its wimpy sanctions plan has also fizzled out.  That was the primary reason why Pres Bush didn't want to go to the UN for "permission" to go after Iraq.  It took over a year to get final go ahead from them.  Sort of permission.

Seems China and Turkey (along with Russia) are spitting in our eyes. 

What are we going to do about it?  If nothing, things will only get worse.  For reference see, pre-WW2.



#1 DMartyr 07-Sep-2010

A more important key point, quoted from THIS video:

Mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent, its an inducement. Because that is what they [Ed: Iran and other radical islamic nations] are hoping for.

Iran wants a final nuclear war - because they believe that will usher in the 12th Imam who will establish a world-wide islamic caliphate on earth.

#2 captainfish 07-Sep-2010

Nah, dude. Come on, man!  Chill.  Just relax and oscillate with the universe, man!

That 12th imam is just their version of the donut maker.  You know.  Like, wow, man.  It's like that commercial on the light box that had this guy always getting up in the morning saying, over and over, "gutta make da donuts".  (heheh that was funny stuff, man!)  That all that 12th imam is, man! 

They are just waiting for the grand baker to show up so everyone can enjoy fresh donuts.

Don't be hatin the donuts, man!!

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