The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

We're #2!

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Rationally exuberant.

As a blogger, I've gotta admit that I'm as much of a sucker for top-whatever lists as anyone else you'll find online. And when I hear that someone out there thinks we're the #2 photojournalism blog in the world, I definitely take notice:

50 Best Photojournalism Blogs

What's the best way to document a life? Well, memories can become clouded, words may be mood-dependent, but photos never lie. Photojournalism is one of the most interesting and truthful ways to tell a story, and we have represented some of the best of it here. Unlike many of the other methods people use to capture life's still moments, photojournalism is timeless.

We have searched high and low, and have come up with a collection of fifty intriguing photojournalism blogs. If you've ever really wanted to see life from someone else's eyes, we suggest you browse through the list below. (Our featured photo, left, is by Petros Chrisostomou, as published on the Feature Shoot blog.)


2. Snapped Shot - As noted, this blog is dedicated to observing, analysing, and critiquing the professional photo news wire services. Ever wanted to know which scenes are staged? This blog will fill you in along with giving you some very interesting tidbits of information. Be wary of taking what the media gives you for truth!

Thanks to the kind folks at the Guide to Online Schools for digging us!



#1 captainfish 08-Sep-2010

wow... someone knows of this blog's existence?   color me shocked!

#2 DMartyr 08-Sep-2010

Ah, so the bribe negotiations went well?

I guess we should have gone ahead with the other 50 bucks and got the #1 spot, but like captainfish said, that might look a little TOO obvious...

#3 Josephine 09-Sep-2010

Cool!  I'll have to check out those other sites as well!

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