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Battle of the Bulges: Nudists Versus Swingers

(File this under "You Can't Make This Sh*t Up!")

In a world filled with war, slavery, rapes, child abuse, and other assorted inhumanities to humans, France is embroiled in a unique fight of its own:

Nudists and Swingers at War in France's 'Naked City'

"Traditional" French nudists in a town on the Languedoc coast are locked in battle with a new wave of naturists who advocate free sex and partner-swapping.


To make matters worse, the group has been accused of walking about in their clothes and mocking the "real" nudists, the paper said.

Leave it to the French to come up with such a pansy-assed excuse for a "war."

To be sensitive to our immature readers, I put the nudist/swinger picture below the fold.

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#1 Kevin 25-Sep-2010

When I'm not wearing clothes, I feel naked.

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