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Diversity Starts With The Truth

Honoring The Fallen Of The Ford Hood Massacre

This event is an outstanding opportunity to pay your respects to the victims of Ft. Hood and to our men and women who serve the nation to protect our freedom. It is also an opportunity to hear speakers of extraordinary courage and knowledge, who can explain the real threat, which we currently are not hearing in the media because of political correctness. Click here for speaker bios.

Our leaders and our media are not telling us the truth about the threat we face. We dishonor our troops by not speaking the truth about the true nature of the enemy. How can we as a nation ask our brave young men and women to risk their lives if we as a nation are afraid to speak the truth?

Join us on November 21st to make a statement to our leaders and for freedom. Click here for tickets.

Sponsored by The Forum For Middle Eastern Understanding

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#1 Clairese Lippincott 27-Sep-2010

Diversity is bullshit. Diversity is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to sell racial and gender quoatas.




Race quoatas = Bullshit


therefore: Diversity = Bullshit.

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