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DMartyr Enters Jawa Academy

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Applause all around!

Sure, I might be too busy to actually spend any time around this dastardly little blog, but don't think that DMartyr's acceptance into the famed and nefarious Jawa Report went unnoticed.

My hat's off to you, DM! It seems like only yesterday that you came aboard over here. (Just don't forget about us little people over here, eh?)

And heck, who knows? Maybe we here at Snapped Shot might even be FatwaWorthy one day.

A piddly little blog can dream, can't it?



#1 DMartyr 27-Sep-2010

Thanks, Brian. I plan to do a lot of cross posting. SnappedShot gave me my first leap out of obscurity. And I'm not going to pretend I am deserving of a spot at The Jawa Report. But I am grateful for the chance to prove I can compete with the other Jawa bloggers.

I've been bugging Rusty for quite a while about joining them there. So last week, in yet another desperate, grovelling email, I promised something other than boobie posts. That seems to have done it.


(Sorry about the lack of Fatwas... Allah knows I've tried to get us one!)

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