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Do Something On Your Own Time In Another State - Get Fired From Job

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Shocking news I tell ya...

EH?  Seriously?  Now, I have heard this used for police officers and military personnel, but... with mass transit personnel?

Derek Fenton, the protester who burned pages from the Koran on Saturday near the site of a planned mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, was fired from his job at NJ Transit, officials there said yesterday.

His bosses said Fenton "violated New Jersey Transit's code of ethics."

Please tell me how burning a book on the sidewalk, while clearly a violation of littering laws, violates another state's on-the-job code of ethics? 

I am assuming of course that he was on his own time.  Off of work.  Taking a mini-vacation so-to-speak to the nearby state of New York.  He was not operating a mass-trans.  He was not there in an official capacity, nor was he wearing a uniform.  Only from this article did I, or the world's muslims, know who he was and now can find out where he lives.


Notice how the word has gone out to the MSM and used in this piece.  It is no longer the Ground Zero Mosque.  It is no longer "near" or "close" to Ground Zero.  It is now just a regular little small basic structure being built way over there, far away, two blocks away from Ground Zero.

When does free speech ever allow people to express their views?  Would he have gotten fired if he held up a sign saying Burn The Quran?  Would he have gotten fired if he held up a sign saying Support O'Donnell for Senate?  Would he have gotten fired for handing out literature about how to burn a Quran?

Or more importantly, would he have gotten fired for burning pages from the Bible?


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