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Six Angry White Christian Old Women In Wheelchairs Arrested For Plot To Assassinate The Pope

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Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Move along now!

In a shocker of a news report, we have six angry white Christian women who have seemed to have plotted to assassinate the Pope.  I think they were angry over the supposed and unproven allegation that some angry followers of the holy Islamic divine religion had tickled someone that they had detained for a few minutes. 

Let's analyze the news.  Shall we

British police staged a pre-dawn raid at a London garbage depot Friday, arresting five street cleaners in a suspected terrorist plot against Pope Benedict XVI on the second day of his state visit to Britain. A sixth person was arrested later in the day.

Acting on a tip, police detained [them], under the Terrorism Act at a cleaning depot in central London after receiving information about a possible threat. [They] were being questioned at a London police station and have not been charged. Police said an initial search of that business and other properties did not uncover any hazardous items.

Police said the five were arrested "on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism."

Oh wow.  That sounds like nasty business.  Am sure glad the Liberals are in power in that country and this so that things like this never ever happen.  And amazingly enough, it was all done without the use of eavesdropping, email searches, wire-taps, and the monitoring of travel itineraries.

Let's read on...

The detained suspects worked for a contractor on behalf of Westminster Council, the authority responsible for much of central London. Benedict spent much of the afternoon in Westminster Hall and Westminster Abbey; the depot were [they] were arrested is responsible for cleaning another part of London that the pope is not due to visit, however, police said.

Wait a minute here.  Hold on there buck-aroo.  How could this have been a plot to assassinate the pope when he wasn't even going to be in the area?  That just does not make any sense to me.  Is this a little bit of government cover-up?  Were they really street sweepers in a facility that contained absolutely no hazardous waste?!?!?  No gas?  No oil?  No cleaning solutions?  Not even hand soap?

This is very odd.  What else is off here?

Police confirmed that some of the suspects were thought to be from outside Britain but declined to comment on media reports they were of Algerian origin.

One street sweeper at the depot, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said at least one of those arrested was Algerian, and that he believed all five arrested in the morning were from North Africa.

Oh woh woh woh woh.  Hold on there pard'ner!!  These 6 angry white Christian old women were actually 6 MUSLIM men from Algeria?

WOW!!  Did not see that coming.



#1 African Moondog 18-Sep-2010

I knew they could not be militant blue-rinse Christians, at that time they would have been in the pub. My immediate guess was that they were militant Zoroasterians. (Sarc off)

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