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WaPo's Religion Writer Sally Quinn: "We Are Still A Country Of Prejudice And Bigotry"

In defense of Obama, a "religion" writer for the Washington Post (oxy-moron?) (is that like asking Hitler to write articles on Judaism?) completely disses America.

Big tip of the camera to Jim over at Gateway Pundit for this.  I love how he puts this revelation:

Crazed WaPo religious writer Sally Quinn told Bill O’Reilly tonight that the reason Barack Obama and the First Family went to church this weekend was because America is full of “prejudice and bigotry.”
Go eat dirt, Sally.

Yes, Sally, let's speak of prejudice and bigotry........ Hatin' America much?  Hatin' Christians much?  Hatin' Christian's dedication and stubborn defense of their beliefs?

[UPDATE] Speaking of hatin', Obama and the DNC are now actively campaigning against Tea Parties and even organizations that promote a return to character and Constitutional values.  Obama and the DNC paid to have protestors harass visitors to the Right Nation 2010 conference held in Chicago this past weekend.  Again, thanks to Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit for the wrap-up.  Jim states:

So, rather than focus all energy on the economy and the suffering of the American people, Barack Obama and democrats are stalking, protesting, and harassing top conservatives and tea party patriots.
Why are we not surprised?



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