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Democrat Candidates Are Starting To Turn Ugly

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And, its DANG ugly at that.

And by ugly, I mean tell bald-faced lies to the voters in order to tell them what the voters want to hear.  Or hope they know what the votes want to hear.

Case in point from the Drudge Report we hear that Andrew Cuomo has been caught lying to voters saying that he voted for Mayor Bloomberg when in fact he had only just registered to vote in his precinct.

And, closer to home, Democrat hopeful for the seat of governor, Jari Askins, has told a bald-faced lie to voters as well.  And, Oklahomans don't play nice with liers.

Just recently, an ad came out that accused her of supporting Obama and Reid's view of amnesty for illegals.  She said that she was dead set against it.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jari Askins says despite attack ads to the contrary she does not support and has never supported amnesty for illegal immigrants. She says, "Oklahoma and Arizona have passed legislation and I think every other state will pass legislation until the federal government gets off their duff and does their job."

However, she does add this little context...

Askins says immigration is a federal issue that should be handled by the federal government.

She even went on a local radio station and emphatically denied support for illegal amnesty for illegals.

"That is not anything I have ever promoted," said Askins. "Amnesty is a federal issue and it's never been anything I've been involved with."

But, oops.  There goes that pesky YouTube video service again. 

Dang, can't get away from those citizen cameras now can we.

And yet, like most Democrats, they just don't get the whole fury behind the idea of amnesty for illegals.  They can't quite understand why CITIZENS are upset over their amnesty plans.  Plans, that Jari Askins does support by the way.  Her own words.

The ad, by the Republican Governor's Association, claims Askins voted for a bill in the Legislature to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition.  That's true.

She did vote for a 2003 bill that would allow the children of illegal immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition if they'd lived here for at least two years and they take steps to become legal immigrants.

So much for not having anything to do with illegals and immigration.

The ad also claims the Lieutenant Governor supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. They back up the claim with a video from June 2010 that shows Askins responding to a question about the Dream Act, a bill that allows for a conditional path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants.

"Yes, I don't have to explain it. Yes," Askins responded at the time.

The Askins camp said the quote was taken out of context and that any sensible immigration reform would have to include a path to citizenship.

How can it be taken out of contex when in the same sentence she admits she supports amnesty!!!!?!?!?

Warning: If you see a Democrat walking toward you on the street, run away as fast as you can.  Their lies are infectuous.

[UPDATE] I think the Conservatives have found their new emblem to adorn their new offices when they get elected.


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