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Looking For Vacation Spot For Spring Break 2011? Look No Further!!!

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Ooo-Laa-Laa.  Have I found your Shangri-la.

Have I found the perect spot for your Spring Break 2011 vacation. 

It's exotic.  It's a dream come true.

Couldn't find a better spot if you were in America.

Eight police officers have been killed in an ambush in northern Mexico.

An official at the Sinaloa state attorney general's office says gunmen attacked four police cars on a highway in the town of Navolato on Monday. A ninth officer was wounded.

Sinaloa is the cradle of a powerful cartel by the same name.

Meanwhile, in the border city of Tijuana, police found the decapitated bodies of two men hung by their feet off a bridge. Their heads were found in a car abandoned on the bridge.



#1 Anonymous 24-Jan-2011
#2 captainfish 24-Jan-2011

Are you calling the deaths of countless numbers of civilians, policemen and soldiers by the hands of the drug cartels... humorous?  I quoted from an article with was based on a real event.  Tourists are being kidnapped and some murdered.  Mexican civilians are being slaughtered left and right and you want us to ignore all that?

Hey Anon, how's that sand tasting?

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