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Arlington is Upscale

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It glistens like a diamond in the sky.

Once again, the City of Arlington, Virginia goes out of its way to defend criminals:

The Arlington County Board has unanimously passed a resolution to opt out of the federal Secure Communities program, which uses the fingerprints of people in custody for other reasons to identify illegal immigrants.

"It is not the role of Arlington County law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws," the resolution states.

Last spring, Virginia officials signed up for the program, which shares any arrested individuals' fingerprints with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, without asking Arlington law enforcement's opinion, said board member Walter Tejada, the resolution's sponsor.

"We are not defending criminals," Tejada said at Tuesday's board meeting. However, he continued, "People who have not commited serious crimes...are finding themselves in this web" leading to deportation.

Thanks once again to a bunch of nitwit liberals in Arlington for helping Virginia lose over 1.9 billion dollars to illegal immigration each and every year.

I'm sure there's absolutely nothing else we could've done with that money.



#1 SumDumPhool 29-Sep-2010

"said board member Walter Tejada, the resolution's sponsor."


Nothing to do with ethinicity, to be sure.  Gotta be fair to ALL illegal aliens...



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