The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Via our good friend Arvind K., currently the world's leading expert in Rageboyology:

This is an ADVISORY ALERT containing information about the possible sighting of the Islamic Rage Boy.

Chances of sighting: EXTREMELY HIGH

First date of probable sighting: 9/30/2010 (date of court ruling - see below for details)

Date of highest probability of sighting: 10/1/2010 (Friday immediately after court ruling)

Event: Indian Court rules on the title-suit of the land at Ayodhya

Background: The Mughal (Muslim) king Babar razed a Hindu temple at Ayodhya and built a victory mosque in its place. After nearly 400 years of conflict over this site, the dilapidated mosque (called Babr-i-Masjid in honor or Babar) fell into disuse among the Muslims. The land itself was owned by a Hindu and Hindus continued their prayers at the site. In 1986, a court ruled that the city administration had illegally locked the gates (in 1949) and ordered the gates opened. Muslims rioted. 

Around this time, the Indian Supreme Court also ruled in favor of a Muslim woman named Shah Bano against her husband whose mosque imposed the Sharia law on her. Muslims rioted. The Supreme Court called for a "Uniform Civil Code" and opposed special privileges that Muslims enjoyed in the Dhimmicracy of India. Muslims rioted. In response, the Indian Parliament passed the Muslim Personal Law legitimizing the Sharia law. Muslims rioted in joy.

In 1988, Salman Rushdie wrote the Satanic Verses. Muslims rioted. India became the FIRST country to ban the book. Muslims rioted after the ban asking that Ayatollah Khomeini's order be carried out. Ayatollah Khomeini died in 1989. Muslims rioted. The dhimmicracy declared a holiday to mourn Khomeini's death.

The fact that the state of Jammu and Kashmir had special privileges to pander to Muslims became part of public discourse. Muslims rioted and indulged in ethnic cleansing of Hindus whom they chased out of the state in 1990.

The Indian Supreme Court by now learnt its lesson and refused to decide on the Ayodhya issue. In 1992, a Hindu crowd bypassed the legislature and courts and took law into their own hands and demolished the mosque. Muslims rioted.

Possible scenarios on Sep 30, 2010: Scenario 1: Court follows the law and rules in favor of Hindus on the three issues of adverse possession, statute of limitations against Muslims and the existence of a temple before the existence of the mosque. Muslims riot and Islamic Rage Boy puts in a spectacular appearance.

Scenario 2: Court acts as an arm of the dhimmi state and rules in favor of Muslims. Muslims riot and Islamic Rage Boy puts in a spectacular appearance.

What to do: Cybernauts are advised to remain in a state of HIGH ALERT and keep their eyes open for Islamic Rage Boy. Any sighting of the Islamic Rage Boy must be immediately reported to one of the administrators of websites that monitor these sightings. Timely reporting is required to properly document the sighting and credit the correct person for the sighting.



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