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The Future Now

The video says it all.  Could this be a sign of the president's future time in office?  Or, is it a statement on his ability to lead the next 2 years?

Incredible video from Ben Howe from  Is this the change you voted for?
(H/T Ace)

Another video that you need to watch after the fold.  Especially if you live in Conneticut.  Glenn Beck interviews then AG Blumenthal over his seeking to force AIG officials to return all of their contracted bonus monies.  See him bluster and stutter.  

Here is part two of that video.  Beck is about ready to strangle the guy.

And here, via Ace, is a video of Dicky Blumenthal being stumped on how to create a job.  All he could come up with is government policies.


OMG, I think I am in love with LTC Allen West.  I know he's a man.  Sheeesh.  Get over it.  Just call it man-love and move on.  Nuthin wrong about it.  Just a bit of fist-bumping love here.  But, I gotta tell ya, this guy gives me the Chris Matthews leg-tingles...

I tell ya, if you have Lou Holtz behind ya, and you can recite war stories, I'm there with ya!  And this guy needs you to be there for him.



#1 Kevin 07-Oct-2010

The sad part is this: That goofball is going to win in CT.  Trust me, I lived there.  They'll vote for this douchebag.  The men in Connecticut are like women and think with their va%$@#s. The women are ALSO like women and think with the same body part.

Hopefully I've obscured the fact that men from Connecticut are similar to female body parts enough to keep this comment family friendly.

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