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Four Weeks To Go - Remember November

Incredibly great video from group brought to you by Jim Treacher's twitter feed.

Remember to thank a Democrat for all of this.



#1 Kevin 07-Oct-2010


#2 Anonymous 07-Oct-2010

 Niether the DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS have what it takes to slow down let alone stop the slow motion economic collapse of the United States. America is in the early stages of Wiemar Republic style economic meltdown and will not exist as a coherant political entity by 2020.

#3 captainfish 07-Oct-2010

You are correct.  Which is why we need to elect sound, fiscally-minded, conservatives to office.  Those who hold to the idea tha they are there FOR the country, and not for themselves.  They understand the respondibility and trust they were elected in to.  They understand our nation's history and guiding principles of freedom, Christian ethics, and laws.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have to choose between evil and not-so-evil candidates. 

But, at least we now have seen what happens when you DO vote for pure evil.

#4 Kevin 07-Oct-2010

Hey, it says that 'anonymous' is not verified.  After extensive research, I can verify that the person really is anonymous.  Just a head's up.

#5 captainfish 07-Oct-2010

Thanks for the head's up Kevin.  I thought about reporting Anonymous to the authorities, but after reading his statements, I realized that he was just attemtping to hide from them for his dangerously held views and opinions.

We hear at SnappedShot will always be a safe haven for anyone opposing government tyranny. 

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