The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

About That Summer Of Recovery?

Yes.  About that.  Did you not enjoy it?  Did you not bask in the sheer unadulterated glee of what the Democrats and Socialists did just for you this summer?!?  It was not called a Recovery Summer for nothing.  They worked hard for you to have the two months of June and July all to yourself.

Think on that you worthless ungrateful peons!! 

The Socialist program fought day and night to get their new standard of unemployment under 10%.  For two months, unemployment was at the lowest points at any time this year.  They worked their butts off to get that rate around 9%.


You should be grateful.  You should be cheering in the streets.

And then look what happened.  Because you bolcheviks demanded an election during this most critical time in our recovery, you forced our dear Socialist leaders to take their eyes off of your needs.  They could no longer focus like a laser on recovering the jobs that the previous Capitalist pigs destroyed for their own economic gain.

Thanks to your selfish and pity whims, unemployment has now gone back up to 10.1%.  That's a jump of 0.7% thanks to your meddling political shenanigans. 

If you had just let them alone, to do your work for you, allowed them to continue with their changes that this country needed to become the greatest Socialist nation this earth has ever seen, your economic outlook, your ability to find a semi-permanent job would have stayed around 9%.

But NOOOoooo.  You had to force them to leave their protected offices in poli-town and pander to you. 

I say, SHAME on you.  You should have left well enough alone.  Now look at the mess you've gotten us in to.



#1 captainfish 07-Oct-2010

I understand many are giddy today over the news of LOWER than expected new jobless claims.  Yet, may I remind you that those are NEW claims.  Many of those who filed previosly are just falling off the books ore are working in some barely passable job.  Thus, this greatly underestimates the true unemployment.

Thus, from the Gallup article comes this note of caution:

The government's final unemployment report before the midterm elections is based on job market conditions around mid-September. Gallup's modeling of the unemployment rate is consistent with Tuesday's ADP report of a decline of 39,000 private-sector jobs, and indicates that the government's national unemployment rate in September will be in the 9.6% to 9.8% range. This is based on Gallup's mid-September measurements and the continuing decline Gallup is seeing in the U.S. workforce during 2010.

However, Gallup's monitoring of job market conditions suggests that there was a sharp increase in the unemployment rate during the last couple of weeks of September. It could be that the anticipated slowdown of the overall economy has potential employers even more cautious about hiring. Some of the increase could also be seasonal or temporary.

Further, Gallup's underemployment measure suggests that the percentage of workers employed part time but looking for full-time work is declining as the unemployment rate increases. To some degree, this may reflect a reduced company demand for new part-time employees. For example, employers may be converting some existing part-time workers to full time when they are needed as replacements, but may not in turn be hiring replacement part-time workers.
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