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We Cannot Continue Down This Catastrophic Path For Our Country

I think I am man-love with Ben Howe over at RedState.  He comes up with another brilliant video piece.  This guy has a tremendous future.  If I were to run a political campaign, I want him to be my manager and spokesman. 

Whoever thought Gibbs would be a good spokesman should be fired just a few seconds before Gibbs is fired.  I would want my spokesperson to be plain, open and direct.  I want them to say, "Look here reporter, are you a complete idiot or do you just work for the Communists?"

Anyway, back to the video.  I think you will love it.  Share it far and wide.

Do you really want a man in office that has friendly ties with Communists and Socialists?  In America and around the world?



#1 Anonymous 23-Oct-2010

Do the citizens remember the TWO un-declared wars and the trillion dollars that Bush pissed away?

Do you remember the suspension of the Constitution; the rendering of citizens to overseas countries to be tortured and/or murdered?

Do you remember the domestic spying, warrantless wiretaps and police agencies given the green light to do anything they wanted TO our citizens?

I know that most of you are not aware of the 1.2 million citizens on the the DOJ "enemies list" where even the DOJ internal audit (done by the Obama Administration) discovered that at least 120,000 of the names had been placed there without any underlying documentation or justification.

Nobody who loves LIBERTY should EVER trust the Republicans with the leadership of this nation, ever again!

The Democrats have some real problems, as you have astutely pointed out, but not so bad as we should be tempted to trust the Republicans again.

#2 captainfish 23-Oct-2010

Thanks for stopping by Mrs Anonymous.  You've been here before, haven't you?  I seem to recall you around here a while back.

I am not sure what you mean by two undeclared wars because Congress authorized the military action.  They are the only authority that can. 

Suspension of the Constitution?  Oh yes, I do remember.  You are of course referring to the current crop of Socialist Democrats who spit on the Constitution for their illegal passage of ObamaCare.

Rendering of citizens?  No, what I do remember is the rendering of captured enemy combatants.  Our citizens were held in American prisons.  According to the much loved Patriot Act that even the Democrats support, we can hold citizens, anyone, for as long as forever, without due process.  If you don't like it, tell your Socialist buddies to move to repeal the law.

Domestic Spying?  Yes, and those creeps were arrested and thrown in jail.  Perverts they are.

Green Light to police?  Nah, those were bad cops with the thrill of power.  They have been thrown off any force they were found.  However, the Patrio Act does give police a bit more leeway in how they handle suspects.  Again, if you don't like that, have your Socialist Dems repeal the law.  They have been in power since 2006 and have only strengthened the Act.

The DOJ "enemies list"??  Oh, you mean the dreaded "domestic terrorist watch list"?  THe one that declared the Tea Party, local militia, and pro-America groups are a possible threat to America?  I agree. That list put together by the Obama Administration was horrible and unjustified.

I don't know, seems to me that it is only through the Republican efforts that have given minorities greater rights and freedoms.  It was the Republicans who fought for and beat back Democrat's attempts to stop the equal rights legislation.  It is the Republicans who fully support our Military and its efforts to keep this country safe from terror.  It is the Democrats who decry our soldiers as terrorists and child-murderers.  It is the Democrats who play kissy-face with our enemies and terrorists.

It is now the Republicans who wants to take legislative and executive powers from the judicial branch.  It is the Republicans who want to restore the rights back to the states and away from the State.  It is the Republicans who want to give you money back in the form of tax cuts and reduced federal spending.  It is the Democrats who want to nationalize and socialize this nation one industry at a time.

Nice playing there Mrs Anonymous, but please try and get your facts right before playing.

Come back again any time though.

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