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Democrats Out To Starve Your Children And Make Seniors Homeless

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Thanks to the Dems, these will be nothing but ghosts of the past.

Yeah, well, they said that about the Republicans.  Over and over.  And over again.  Never has it been true, but they kept on saying it and the MSM kept on repeating it verbatim.

Today, the Democrats are closer to that reality than they portrayed the Republicans ever being.

Obama caused a massive loss of jobs and deep-sea drilling rigs in the Gulf during his moratoreum on Gulf deep-oil drilling.  His increased delays on awarding contracts has further cut in to the job market and energy supply.

We now have from Pennsylvania, Gov Ed Rendell, former leader of the DNC, has declared all of Pennsylvania's state lands off limits to new drilling.

And before you get all hot and hyped up about this, claiming that he is making a great eco-friendly decision to protect our environment from the damages from oil drilling..... his decision was specifically attacking natural gas drilling.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on Tuesday halted further leasing of state land for natural gas drilling, citing the need to protect forests from the drilling boom and renewing his call for a drilling tax that failed to pass last week.

The Democratic governor put 1.5 million acres off limits to energy companies seeking to exploit the gas-rich Marcellus Shale field, estimated to contain enough of the fuel to meet total U.S. demand for up to 20 years.

Rendell signed an executive order imposing a "strategic moratorium" on future drilling operations on state lands.

So, despite having a economic engine sitting under your homes providing jobs and income AND energy for your state, and this nation included, this DEMOCRAT feels that you don't need any "green" jobs.  You don't need any income.  He has made the decision that our country doesn't need to ween itself off of foreign oil.  He must feel that our country doesn't need any petroleum-based energy.

Is this what you want from your leaders?  Is this what the Democrats promised when they told you about "green" jobs and a reduction in the use of oil?  Bet you didn't realize they just meant a reduction in all energy sources, did ya?

Welcome to their UTOPIA.  Where everyone lives, eats, and breathes off the government mandates.


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