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We'll Show You Ours If You Show Yours First!

So, David Axelrod goes on National TV talk shows on Sunday to proclaim that the US Chamber of Commerce is guilty of accepting and using foreign donations to produce and purchase political ads for certain campaigns.  This is of course, guilty until proven innocent.

His statement was:

White House senior adviser David Axelrod said the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has the burden of proving false the charge by Democrats that the business group is funneling foreign money to Republican campaigns.

“Do you have any evidence that it’s not, Bob?” Axelrod said on “Face the Nation.” “The fact is that the Chamber has asserted that, but they won’t release any information about where their campaign money is coming from. And that’s at the core of the problem.”

Might I suggest, like Jake Tapper somewhat suggests, that Obama shows his evidence first!!  Prove that Obama IS a citizen first. Some say that he is not a citizen.  Do they have any real evidence that he IS a citizen?

Oh, I know, as some have yelled loudly, we have moved beyond this point.  But, for others, there was never any attempt to prove that he was born in Hawaii.  Did you know that the court cases are active and going through the court systems? 

And, we still have open questions with regard to Obama's 2008 campaign donations.



#1 granite 13-Oct-2010

Obama is a citizen due to his birth in Hawaii. He has already shown the official birth certificate of Hawaii. Yes, the certification of live birth is  the official birth certificate, and in fact it is the only birth certificate that Hawaii has issued since 2001. AND, the facts on Obama's birth certificate--that he was born in Hawaii in 1961--were confirmed twice by the officials of the department of health of Hawaii and most recently by the governor of Hawaii, a Republican.


Obama's kenyan grandmother never said that he was born in Kenya. She said in the tape recorded interview that he was born in Hawaii. Most birther sites cut off the tape just before she is asked the question "Where was he born?" Her answer to that was that he was born in Hawaii, where his father was studying. And, she said in another interview that the first that her family in Kenya had heard of Obama's birth was in a letter from Hawaii.

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