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Need Any More Proof?

As Brian here at good old SnappedShot has shown time and time again through the photographic medium, the media are biased and use their media to promote their agenda or the agenda of those they protect.

Case in point comes to you today from Dana Loesch at Big Journalism.  William Kelly from WIND radio and Big Blog contributor attempted to ask Rahm Emanuel some questions during a recent trek by Rahm through Chicago crowds.

William learns first hand how protective the media are of their standard-bearers.

Members of the old-dog, old-line press - ever eager to protect their food bowl, jossle, push, and threaten this independent reporter for daring to ask tough questions of a politician.  Who cares if he is ineligible to run.  The media love him.  Who cares if a judge has no standing to rule on a case in front of him, he does what he wants.  Oh, sorry, I digressed there.

Dana continues on to show how even before Obama was pushed in to his presidency, the media were constantly shilling for and softballing Obama over McCain.

Dana writes:

What we see in this video from Levine and the other local reporters (aside from poseur elitism; their assumption that the better the water-carrier for the administration, the more the “journalist”) is the proverbial people’s watchdog jump into the lap of the very subject against which they’ve been entrusted to guard. The murder of objectivity and the blurring of duty, if you will.

Ace covers this as well:

Did you notice the question the ABC  reporter shill asks at about 1:35? "What are you hearing in the neighborhoods?" Oooh, that's hard hitting. It would have been more honest and direct to simply say, "Rahm, please regale us with your prepared talking points".

The other factor in this is The Guild. Why this guy asking tough questions probably never even applied to journalism school (where they teach you to ask "what are you hearing in the neighborhoods") let alone graduated from one. This punk is a blogger and a radio show host. That's the enemy to these old line Dinosaur Media types. Unlike the real dinosaurs, they know their extinction is coming and they don't like it. Not one bit.


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