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Europe Is Building China's Hydroelectric Dams And Power Stations

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Mao is very happy for your voluntary contribution to keep his communist country growing.

From Anthony Watts' website, Watts Up With That, comes word just how wonderful and successful the Kyoto protocol and the Cap-and-Trade scheme has become.

Which is why I laughed out loud when I saw the latest numbers on the CDM. The CDM is the “Clean Development Mechanism” of the Kyoto Protocol. The CDM is the foundation of the carbon emission credit system in use in Europe. Companies which emit more CO2 than the regulations allow can purchase credits. The companies pay the money to sponsor an emissions-reducing project in a developing country, so in theory everything balances out.

There’s a New York Times article on the CDM here. This is the part that I found to be hilarious (emphasis mine):

    Since it began operating in 2006, the board has validated 2,918 projects, 40 percent of them in China, according to the U.N. Environment Program’s database at the Risoe Center, in Denmark, which tracks every project in the C.D.M. pipeline. The center’s data show that 1,668 projects are in hydroelectric power and 1,060 of those are in China...

So the effect of the Kyoto Protocol is that it is OK for the West to burn fossil fuels, as long as the West is also subsidizing hydroelectric dam construction in China …

You get that.  The Western nations, Europe and the UN, are subsidizing China's construction of over a thousand hydroelectric dams that provide jobs, money, economy, and cheap energy to the most dangerous and fastest growing communist nation on Earth.

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If they don't have to spend their money on construction or energy, that just leaves it free for military spending.

This lunacy has got to stop!!! 

We can't get a new single power plant built in the US in less than 10 years, but they can get over 1,000 built in four.


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