The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

This Weeks Republican Address - Makes Familiar Sounds

This weeks Republican address comes from Rep Mike Pence.

While he speaks some really nice sounding familiar words like tax cuts, getting America on track, spending cuts, etc, that again give us Republicans, Conservatives, and non-Socialist Americans some hope for our future, I did not howerver hear things that give me "hope".

What I did not hear was:

"We too made mistakes with your money", or
"We too got caught up in the the good economic times and spent more than we should", or
"We have heard the people's voice and, more than writing a pledge, we will be accountable" or
"We honor our duty and pledge to America to follow the Constitution", or
"We will do all we can to get out of your hair so that you can keep more of your money and allow your businesses to have more of its money to begin to hire those people unemployed due to Obama's Socislist policies"

We warn those Republicans who are not up for re-election this term, your time is coming.  You need to convince us that you have heard our voice and PLEDGE to now follow the Constitution, limit the size of the Federal government, and get out of people's lives. 

You guys better learn quick, or your days will be numbered come 2012.


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