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The Caption is Key

Hero worship.

The photo above, transmitted by Reuters stringer Jamal Saidi, misses one pretty big fact in the accompanying caption:

A boy walks together with Lebanon's Hezbollah militants while holding a flag toward the cemetery where their fellow fighters were buried during a ceremony conducted one day after Hezbollah's Martyr's Day, in the Beirut's suburbs, November 12, 2010. REUTERS/Jamal Saidi (LEBANON)

Sure, the boy is holding a flag in his left hand, Jamal... but what's that in his right hand?

AP photographer Hussein Malla solves the mystery for us:

A Lebanese boy holds a toy machine gun and Hezbollah flag, as he watches Hezbollah fighters parade during the inauguration of a new cemetery for their fighters who died in fighting against Israel, at the southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, on Friday Nov. 12, 2010. Nasrallah said on Thursday his militant group will cut the hand of anyone who tries to arrest any member of the party and the group will not accept any accusation against any of its fighters or leaders in the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

One wonders why Reuters would see fit to leave out such a curious object. Maybe the editorial staff needs to subscribe to Great Parenting Digest.

PS: It's not often that I get to point out that my mortal enemies are better than someone else. This is a totally strange feeling to me... ;)

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