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All About Freedom Of Choice - Democrats Want Your Vote

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Can you imagine this is one of the most VILE and HATED things to a liberal?

Yeah.  About that.  They aren't really about securing your freedoms and the freedom of choice.  Just the opposite.

BALTIMORE -- The Baltimore City Health Department issued its first environmental citation for repeat violations of the city's trans fat ban.

The Health Department issued Healthy Choice, a food facility in the 400 block of Lexington Street, a $100 fine on Thursday.

"It was the second time they were found with a high trans fat level in their ingredients," said Health Department agent Juan Gutierrez.

Officials said that during inspections in July and this month, the facility was found to be using a margarine product with trans fat levels in excess of what the law allows.

There is a law that tells a restaurant what kind of product they are allowed to sell.  There is a law that tells consumers that they can't buy certain types of food. 

There is a law that tells consumers that they are too stupid to buy food on their own without the government protecting them from unseen dangers [like salt and fat].

Are you people tired of this yet?  Are you tired of the nanny-state yet forcing you to eat only certain foods?


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