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Um, Say That Again Please? I Didn't Believe You The First Time.

Well, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert hosted their Rally to Restore Sanity andor Fear rally in the shadow of the halls of America's Congress.  Do you feel better?

This scooter-reporter suggests that there were 300,000 people in attendance there.

An on-stage announcement suggested that there were 150,000.

[ED: One is reporting a "gargantuan crowd" without providing what that means]

Based on these photos and the comparison photo provided by Jim Hoft at GatewayPundit by KeyPro, I'd say that the numbers were closer to 50,000 to 75,000.

As you can see, there just aren't as many people at the non-funny, non-political rally as there was at the Restoring Honor rally.

The motorized-scooter reporter from suggests that the same number of people attended the Restoring Honor Rally as were at the Stewart Rally.  Well, if they can call nearly 1 million people only 300,000 or less, then we can call their 300,000 to actually mean 75,000.  This of course, is still much less than the 10-2-10 rally.

Jim has more photos from around the rally at his site.  For me, those pictures clearly show  that there was a large crowd, but not "vast numbers" as reporter suggests.

[UPDATE 1] Mollie Hemingway has tons of photos from her experience at the Rally.

[UPDATE 2] From these photos, it would appear that a number of people at the Rally were there for the Burning Man event as well.  Hmmm, nice, Code Pink and the Truthers showed up too.  Nohting like keeping sanity alive with those two groups.

And one of those photos showed lots of trash left.  Oh, and there were black people in attendance.  Diversity of two.  Nice.

[UPDATE 3] When you hold a rally that attracts NAMBLA, are you really promoting the Sanity portion of the rally or the ... FEAR?  Directorblue has lots of CHOICE photos from this SANE event. (cough, cough)



#1 Michael 30-Oct-2010

There is no better way to make a point than post images with no evidence of time, date, or other essential details in regards to the event.  

A cursory glance online shows how poorly chosen your images of the two events are.  Best guess, the photo of the Rally to Restore Sanity was taken at 8 am, not between the hours of 12 and 3 when the event was held.

If you want to be biased, be biased.  There's no need to be disingenuous though.

#2 Peterk 30-Oct-2010

'the photo of the Rally to Restore Sanity was taken at 8 am, not between the hours of 12 and 3 when the event was held."


then where are the early morning shadows?

#3 captainfish 30-Oct-2010

What you smokin?  The image is looking Eastward toward the Capitol.  Which means the sun would be toward our right.  As you can see, the buldings on the left hand side have their southward faces highlighted by the sun.  Also, the capital building has much of its western face lit up.

However, I will grant you that the image is not free of fuzziness and itself does not come with a time-stamp and the original poster from whom I borrowed the image, did not provide a high-res source.

But, using googlemaps, the distance of each park section this event was held in is only 600 feet x 600 feet.  And from what I can see is that the people only occupied the first 3 sections (Henry park, West Seaton Park and East Seaton Park).  That is a section that is 1800 feet long by 600 feet wide.  I'll even give you some people past the Smithsonian for 2,000 by 600 area taken up with people.

The area for the national mall is over 2,500 feet long.  If you then take parts of the the WW2 memorial and part of the Washington Monument and parts of the Lincoln Memorial which had people all over them, then I would suggest 2,800 feet.  Now, the width comprises the Northern pond to the trees on the Southern side of the Southern park area, that is about 800 feet.  And I am not counting the Reflection Pool either.

Thus, Becks rally with 2,800 x 800 versus Stewart's rally with 2,000 x 600.

Can you find a better photo?  If so, I will post it and eat my words.

#4 Kevin 30-Oct-2010

No way.  There were more people at the the Stewart rally.  They're just extremely small people, so they pack in three times as closely.  I can't say WHY all democrats are midgets, but it's a fact nonetheless. 

#5 captainfish 30-Oct-2010

You always crack me up Kevin.  Found some new pics for ya Kevin, in second update.  I think I found their diversity.  Had to look hard.

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