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Thought For The Weekend

Why is that wind power projects do not need an Endangered Species Act Environmental Impact Statements conducted before they are constructed, but a shopping mall or major business is delayed for years because of the supposed presence of listed bugs or snakes?

When wind-power projects can kill thousands of birds, bats, and other flying animals, and get fast-track approval without any consideration for possible wildlife kills.

But yet, if a business, shopping mall, or other major job-creation construction want to build their project, enviro-wackos throw hissifits claiming harm to local and endangered wildlife.  Such acts cause undue harm in lost time, wages, jobs, and wasted monies in litigation and time-wasting analyses.

What do you want to bet that should our next pro-energy Congress decices to start allowing the construction of new nuclear power plants, fuel refineries, and other fuel-generating facilities, that said wackos would demand one EIS after another?

[UPDATEProof can be found here on Anthony Watts site, WUWT, how a endangered turtle is being forcibly evicted from its protected area due to the existence and time-limit on $900 million dollars in Stimulus Funds for the German company wanting to build the solar collector plant in S. California.


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