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Can You Loan Me $10 And I'll Sell You That $10 To Pay You Back

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We have no more blood to give those blood-suckers.

Funky title, huh?  That's something gamblers and the mob does.  They take money from one place, then change it, then sell it back to the original loaners of the money to pay them back.

Does this make sense at all?  No?  Neither to me either.  But, they are doing it to you and I right now!

General Motors Wednesday finalized terms for a stock offering of about $13 billion to repay a controversial taxpayer-funded bailout and reduce the U.S. Treasury to a minority shareholder.

The automaker plans to sell 365 million common shares at $26 to $29 each, raising about $10 billion at the midpoint, according to updated initial public offering papers filed with the SEC.

Get that!!  Let me outline the steps for you.
1)  Obama stole $50 Billion of the taxpayer's money and took over 60% of a private company in order to save the unions and buy their votes.
2)  In order to pay that money back to the taxpayers, GM plans to sell their stock to the taxpayers.

Let me put it this way:

You and I are brothers.  Our mom takes your $10 and gives it to me so I can keep making our sister make my cookies.  In order to pay you back that $10, I sell my cookies to you.  Now, how much money do you, my brother, have?  -$20.  How much money do I have?  $20

Who's the suckers now!?!?

OH but don't worry, the IPO might not work out anyway...

The IPO would value GM at just over $41 billion at the midpoint of the price range, making it all but certain that U.S. taxpayers would face a loss on the automaker's still controversial bailout. GM needs a market value of roughly $70 billion if U.S. taxpayers are to break even [ED: with the stocks finally selling at $70, up from $26 a share] on the common stock held by the Treasury.

Dig Deep You Serfs!!!


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