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Another Reason Conservatives Don't Like Former Pres Bush - *UPDATED*

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Is this what our political leaders really think our women should only be able to do?

With comments like these, former President George W Bush proves just once again why Conservatives felt real nasty about voting for him.

George W Bush thinks Sarah Palin is 'unqualified'

George W Bush believes Sarah Palin spoiled the Republican party's 2008 election campaign, according to reports.

And, it gets worse from there...

[UPDATE] Actually, according to direct verbal statements from GWB, he never said those things about anyone.  I am glad to hear this and stated clearly for the record.  I think he needs new staff membes.  Also have to wonder where this story got its legs.  Anyway, I stand corrected.  On this point at least. 

Yet, Mr Bush still has plenty on his plate that places him squarely in the "big government" camp.

From the London Telegraph comes more:

Mr Bush has allegedly told friends that Mrs Palin is not qualified to be president and criticises John McCain for picking her as his Running Mate in 2008

"Naming Palin makes Bush think less of McCain as a man," a Republican official close to Mr Bush told the New York Daily News.
"He thinks McCain ran a lousy campaign with an unqualified running mate and destroyed any chance of winning by picking Palin."

Mr Bush has allegedly been disparaging about Mrs Palin in the past.

Matt Latimer, former special assistant to Mr Bush, wrote in a book released last year: "'I'm trying to remember if I've met her before. I'm sure I must have.' [Mr Bush's] eyes twinkled, then he asked, 'What is she, the governor of Guam?'"

Ouch.  What a way to bow out gracefully there Mr President.  Now, please, for the good of the country, SHUT UP!!

How does Bush being a governor of a state make him more qualified to be President of the US than a woman governor of a state?!?!

I think Sarah Palin actually said it better about Pres Bush and other ilk like him:

After taking a few moments to recap how Ferraro had also been attacked and praising the Democrat for "busting that glass ceiling," Palin answered Kelly's question:

"It kind of seems, Geraldine, that some things haven't changed," Palin said. "There are still the Neanderthals out there who pick on the petty, little, superficial, meaningless things – like looks, like whether you can or can't work outside of the home if you have small children – all those type of things where I would so hope that at some point those Neanderthals will evolve into something a bit more with it, a bit more modern, and a bit more understanding that, yeah, women can accomplish much."

You tell them Sarah!!!  Put these wussy RINOS in their place - that being far from government and the Republican party.  Bush should be ashamed of himself.



#1 Kevin 07-Nov-2010

Hey, but at least Bush isn't criticizing Obama!  He only criticizes people on his own side.  Kind of like McCain.


Man, I dislike those guys.

#2 captainfish 07-Nov-2010

Kevin, I am sure you are referring to recent remarks that he made where he made the suggestion that former prezs should stay former.

He got a couple of golden stars for that, but.... DAMN, don't then turn around and SLAM and DEFAME your own party, Mr Bush!!!   gag.  He lost 8 stars for that.  He is still in negative star territory in my book.

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