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Jailtime Photoshop Test


Bob Owens sends along an intriuguing query:

Real, or Photoshop? (Answer could mean difference between freedom and 20 years in jail)

There's quite a bit of backstory on the pictured gunslinger over at Pajamas Media, but the bottom line is that this gentleman is not supposed to be handling firearms, and if he's caught doing so, he could be sentenced to time in Ye Olde Pokey.

Based on what I can see in the full-sized photo, the shadows on the ground appear to be in line with each gentleman's actual position, the lighting on both guns appears to be consistent, and I'm not seeing anything that would suggest that anything was tampered with when it was pasted in, so I'm personally of the opinion that the photo's legit.

Which would be most unfortunate for Lee Booth.

But seeing how this is the Internet, and I'm largely irrelevant, how about you readers chime in with your own thoughts down below. Is Lee Booth guilty? Or has he been set up by the dark digital overlords of Adobe?

Bob reports, you decide. And I'll just sit over here and drink my coffee in the dark corner of my bunker.



#1 Jon 14-Nov-2010

Looks like a legit photo to me.   But "possession" is so nuanced...

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