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Japan is Awesome (and/or Insane)

Virtual reality, real insanity.

Meet one of the newest pop stars in Japan, Hatsune Miku. Hatsune is just like every other pop star in the world, except for the fact that she's not real in the least. Despite the fact that this could quite possibly be a vast improvement on the likes of most American musicians, seeing a stadium full of people pretending that they're watching a real person is... unsettling, to say the least.

As Tyler Durden so artfully notes, if the Japanese ever get it in their head that they need to conquer the world again, we're hosed.

Because it's either that, or SkyNet.

Update: The heavens have opened up, and Allahpundit has actually linked to my humble abode. Thanko mucho, AP! And just so you know, I'm planning on opening the Snapped Shot Rehabilitation Center for Holographic Personalities right in time to meet the needs of tomorrow's talent, since we all know that today's talent has already been burnt to a crisp and stuff.



#1 Citizen Tom 11-Nov-2010

What are you worried about? So some Japanese engineers do a simulation of world conquest? That is kind of like the rock star in your video. It is entertaining, but where is the harm? I suppose they could use such to teach bad values, and, unfortunately, that is being done -- by our developers.

Is it possible someone would imitate a really good Japanese war simulation? Yes, but the bad guys don't have wait for the Japanese. We have plenty of people already planning the next war. In fact, Japan is far more likely to be attacked than it is to attack anyone.

#2 Ranba Ral 11-Nov-2010

I can only see this ending badly.


*Goes off to build a YF-19, just in case*

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