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Celebrate Diversity: Doctor Assaulted for Treating Patient

USA, California, Hawthorne

Not welcome there.

In Sweden, we run across a bit of trouble with assimilation:

The incident occurred on November 6th when the doctor entered the delivery room at the maternity ward at the hospital responding to a call from the woman's attendant midwife. She had recently given birth and was bleeding heavily.

The woman's husband screamed at the doctor that he should leave the room at once, but he refused and approached the patient to examine her. At this point he was attacked by the man.The husband's brother joined in the melee, attacking the doctor from behind, according to the newspaper.

The matter was reported to the police who escorted the woman's relatives from the premises. The woman was then taken in for an operation to address the bleeding.

The doctor continues to work at the clinic and the hospital has stated that it plans to clarify its position that staff can not be selected according to their gender.

Given how vague the story is, one wonders if the family in question was Baptist.

They're always up to suspicious things, don't you know.


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