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Best Damn Car In The World

Here's proof that the new Chevrolet Volt is the undisputed best damn car in the world (cough).

Seriously?!?!?  They are marketing the hybrid car as a vehicle for taking vacations in?!?!?! 

A car with minimal interior and trunk space?  A car that costs as much as a luxury car but with Wal-Mart quality?

A $40,000 car that gets around 30mpg and has a range of only 30 miles on battery? This is the car of the future?  I wonder how far on battery  you would get on a cold night with the lights, wipers, heater, fan, defroster, and radio all on.

We still don't have the charging stations for these cars.  We still have not worked out the payment for charging.  NOR have they worked out the safety concerns surrounding those 240 volt charging sttions.

Besides, why would anyone buy a car from Government Motors anyway these days.  Especially knowing that most of that price goes to pay off non-working union members.  Another part goes to transfer other jobs to Brazil or India.



#1 Ron 24-Nov-2010

REAL men drive diesels, not those fake hybrid things.

#2 captainfish 24-Nov-2010

You talking those 1970's era Jetta diesels??  (chuckle)

Not too sure I would call those manly. (chuckle)


Give me a fully jacketed H! hummer with a V12 in it with 42 inch tires.  wooooohooo.  Growl!!  My form of manly mobile.

#3 TimO 25-Nov-2010

I wonder how far on battery  you would get on a cold night with the lights, wipers, heater, fan, defroster, and radio all on.

THIS is the thing NO ONE talks about with electric cars.

Accessories take huge amounts of electrical power.  Lights, air, heat and stereos will drain those packs and seriously cut the available range.

Just try and truthfully market an electric car in the South where you have run the air conditioning every day, or in the northern states when its -40degrees.  (BTW, you know how your gas motor's battery slumps in really cold weather?  Lithium batteries don't like the cold either - just wait until the stories of people being stranded in blizzards start coming out...)

#4 captainfish 25-Nov-2010

Actually, rethinking my manly mobile... Ford is coming out in 2011 with a 6.2 Liter Raptor SuperCab.  From what I am seeing, that is a manly man's truck.

TimO.  You are right.  I just can't understand how they are marketing this thing a long-haul vacation vehicle.  It gets worse gas mileage than many current vehicles.  It costs as much as a luxury vehicle and has less storage and personal room than cars in smaller markets.

Imagine, you are in 105 degree weather.  You are driving to work in the morning and you are stuck in rush hour traffic.  You have your radio playing and your IPOD charging.  YOu have the A/C blowing full power.  You've already stopped off at Starbucks to get your coffee and had to wait in its drive-thru 10 minutes.

Your battery is now dead even before you get to work.

If you notice on the commercial, CHevy has now retreated from the 25-50 battery-mile range to a set average of 35 miles.  Which of course is still much less than their initial set average of 50 miles..  ... OH, and then a set avg of 40 miles.   ... Which then was replaced with the 25-35 range.

Also, Chevy is putting out a new commercial to garner traffic and sympathy.  It starts off with people failing.  In summary, the commercial says, everybody fails and it then thanks the public for helping Chevy back up.

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