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Big Government Trampling of Personal Rights Is Just A Right-Wing Fallacy. Right?

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Don't expect liberal Socialist judges to uphold your personal rights and liberties!

Never one to sit on its massive hindquarters, the Federal Government not content with shredding the Fourth Amendment Rights, now plans to expand upon its new found search and seizure powers.

Recently Big Sis Janet Napolitano has come out suggesting that the next moves against personal liberties will be at your local bus, rail, or train station.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says terrorists will continue to look for U.S. vulnerabilities, making tighter security standards necessary.

“[Terrorists] are going to continue to probe the system and try to find a way through,” Napolitano said in an interview that aired Monday night on “Charlie Rose.”

“I think the tighter we get on aviation, we have to also be thinking now about going on to mass transit or to trains or maritime. So, what do we need to be doing to strengthen our protections there?”those pesky warrants.

Oh, and don't forget about transit ferries and court houses.

Have we really gotten consistent and reliable threats against your local county courthouse?  Why stop with these?  Have their been threats again any local Jr High Football or baseball stadiums?  How about local parks? 

Well, it would seem that DHS has already started using these millimeter radar imaging devices in various places. 

The Washington, DC-based Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Department of Homeland Security demanding information about the use of body scanners in "street-roaming vans," trains, stadiums and subway stations.

"EPIC seeks documents concerning the development and deployment of 'body scanner' (or 'whole body imaging,' 'advanced imaging technology,' 'millimeter wave,' or 'backscatter') technology by law enforcement agencies in surface transit and in street-roaming vans," according to the request.

"Recent news stories have also documented the implementation of body scanner technology in vans that are able to scan other vehicles while driving down public roadways. These vans, known as 'Z backscatter vans,' are capable of seeing through vehicles and clothing and routinely store the images that they generate," according to the Nov. 24 FOIA request.

EPIC also notes that DHS has tested body scanning machines on people traveling by train outside of New York City.

Now, I know that the DHS goons can claim "reasonableness" in violating our Fourth Amendment protection against "unreasonable" searches and seizures.  Just like when the police think you look like a suspect reported in a recent crime.  They can detain you and search your current surroundings based on the "reasonable" suspicion that you are the bad guy. 

Thus, DHS believes it can grope and image and maintain near-real nude images of your body without the need for "reasonableness" and warrants.  They don't need to suspect you of doing anything wrong first.

Now, they can do the same on any public street.  They can use these vans to scan and image you and your property right on the street.  All, without using a warrant.

What?  "They wouldn't do that", you say?  Check out this video from the Z Backscatter Van company itself?!?!?

Now, envision this scenario.  The police suspect someone of committing a crime.  But they don't have very much evidence against the suspect.  With the limited evidence, they are unable to get a warrant to search the person's home or car that is parked in the street in front of the suspect's home.

Problem?  Nope.  They can just bring in one of these vans, like a drug dog, and be able to see inside the car or house without the need for those pesky warrants.

[UPDATE]  It would now seem that some leftist Socialists in your government wants to allow even teachers to be able to conduct unconstitutional searches of your kids and their personal property.

Concerned about "sexting" and "cyberbullying" in schools, Virginia's attorney general says teachers have the legal authority to seize and search through students' cell phones and laptops – without consent, warrant or parental permission.

In an advisory opinion addressed to State Delegate Robert Bell, Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II says teachers with "reasonable suspicion" of wrongdoing can confiscate students' electronic devices to search stored messages for evidence.

"It is my opinion," Cuccinelli writes, "that searches and seizures of students' cellular phones and laptops are permitted when there is a reasonable suspicion that the student is violating the law or the rules of the school."

Anything is "reasonable" when crouched in the right terminology.  This has to stop!!



#1 Rooster 08-Dec-2010

You whine more than an f'n liberal. I'm embarassed to be a conservative when I read your crap.

#2 captainfish 08-Dec-2010

If you are OK with what this government is doing and has turned in to, then you are not a Conservative. 

Easy fix for your misery - go somewhere else or don't read my articles!

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