The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

On Porcelain Gods


So here's the deal: If you look anywhere near as hideous as the "gentleman" pictured above, you should never, ever suggest that anything you do would ever cause someone else to lean over their toilet and throw up.

Unless the beginning of your statement is "When you look at me," that is.

Just sayin'.

(PS: Isn't it we here on the Right that're supposed to be the hatemongers?)

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#1 captainfish 04-Dec-2010

He's definitely got the market covered for the LEFT.  He is so vile and hateful you would swear he used to be a concentration camp Colonel in charge of the ovens. 

I find it really tough to understand how he can stay on air:  one, with his heinous comments and, two, with his very limited number of viewers.

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