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A Well-Deserved Win

Scrubbin' those pearly whites.

The above photo, transmitted back in March by Reuters stringer Beawiharta, is full of win, and definitely deserves to be highlighted as a Reuters News Service 2010 Photo of the Year! Which reminds me... If things get this rowdy here in sunny Chantilly, Virginia, I'll definitely need to remember to carry my toothbrush with me at all times, just in case.

RNPS IMAGES OF THE YEAR 2010 - A student pretends to brush his teeth as police use water cannons to disperse protesters outside the parliament building in Jakarta March 2, 2010, where the parliamentary inquiry committee's recommendations over the Bank Century rescue is being held. A parliamentary probe failed on Tuesday to resolve bitter divisions over the fate of Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati and Vice President Boedino, two key pro-market lawmakers in Indonesia's cabinet, signalling conflict over economic reform would continue. REUTERS/Beawiharta (INDONESIA)

[ Daylife Link - More RPNS Winners ]

PPS: Michael Dell, I rue you. How in the world is it that you and all of your gosh-darn smart engineers haven't figured out a way to make a laptop with a battery that lasts longer than 2 hours in the year 2010?

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#1 captainfish 04-Dec-2010

because people are demanding smaller and smaller and more lightweight laptops than ever.  Reason why netbooks are getting popular.  Can't have it both ways.

Man, talk about a whiner.  Back in my day, we didn't have batteries for our portable full-sized computers.  And we liked it!! 

We even had the smallest green screen you could think of.  It was 2-bit.  And we liked it.

And, it costs us $500,000 and WE LIKED IT!!

#2 Rooster 08-Dec-2010

Always perfection when Brian writes the article.  More Brian, Less THEM.

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