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Obama Is Lord Of The Flies

I don't know about you, but when I first saw this image, all I could think of was, "Why is he eating the flies now?  Was he done with just letting them crawl over his face?"

Seriously!  Tell me that doesn't look like pieces of crunched up flies there....



#1 MVH 07-Dec-2010

Ooooh, yuk! It does look like some sort of insect Chairman0 is munching on.

#2 Rooster 07-Dec-2010

Uhh eating flies? Guessing you are the only human on the planet that is unaware he was injured playing basketball. Either that or this is the poorest attempt at humor that I've read.  But I guess since we're all republicans we should follow the template and rejoice or make fun of it right? Because we're politicians.. as long as our side wins right?  This site used to be worth reading.

#3 captainfish 07-Dec-2010

Well, based on your comments, it would appear that the Republicans are the only ones now with a sense of humor. 

And, being a member of the human race you spoke of, I too was aware that he was injured playing basketball.  However, if you care to read the article, you would note that I stated, quite clearly, "...when I first saw this image, all I could think of was..."

I understand that the liberals like you love to promote government education, but even you have to admit that it obviously served you no good.

#4 Rooster 07-Dec-2010
But... I would have accepted the joke had it been funny, Mr. Hypersensitive-Child-Who-Over-Explains-For-Acceptance.
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