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Literal Symbolism

The art class reveled in the accomplishment of it all.

Pictured above is the "moderate" Fatah faction, which controls the Palestinian terrortories designated as the "West Bank," but more traditionally referred to as "Judea." Notice how imaginative these ever-creative folks are, launching firecrackers (which are, by nature, miniature explosives) at a miniaturized model of a Jewish "settlement."

Which, considering that this is essentially what these militants do in real life, doesn't really involve that much imagination at all.

With "valued partners in peace" like this, who in the heck needs the peace process, anyway?

Palestinian members of the Fatah movement throw firecrackers at a model of a Jewish settlement during a rally marking the 46th anniversary of the group's foundation in the West Bank city of Jenin January 1, 2011. The slogan reads in Arabic: "The storm passes through here". REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini (WEST BANK)

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PS: It's worth pointing out that the above photograph was taken less than three weeks after our unsplattered friends in the armed wing of Fatah supposedly declared a "cease-fire" with Israel.

One man's ceasefire is another's opportunity.

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#1 Kevin 05-Jan-2011

I dunno, B-man.  I think you've got Fatah all wrong.  They're not the murderous thugs you make them out to be.  They want to kill all Jews PEACEFULLY.  Perhaps using a peaceful suicide bomber or some peaceful snipers.  They're the good palestinians :).

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