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Rage Against the Pop

Their spelling amuses me as always.

Rage being one of Pakistan's chief exports, it doesn't really surprise me all that much to see another crowd whipped up into a lather over some random comments made by Pope Benedict. I mean, as many times as they've done it before, you'd think they'd have gotten tired of this by now.

And while I'd love to say that this protest consisted of a whopping three people surrounded by a giant pile of photographers, the truth is that there was plenty of rage to go around.

Which is to say that Pakistan is as excellent in its primary trade as ever.

Religious leaders shout slogans while holding a protest against Pope Benedict XVI's recent statements about Pakistan's blasphemy laws in Lahore January 12, 2011. Pope Benedict called on Monday for Pakistan to repeal its anti-blasphemy law, days after a senior Pakistani politician who opposed the legislation was assassinated by his own bodyguard. REUTERS/Mohsin Raza (PAKISTAN)

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PS: The best way to show peaceful intentions is still to celebrate murderers, right?

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