The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

And now: It's Camelshop Time!

Thomas Kinkade + Angry Egyptian Camel Guy = Better!

I suggested in a post earlier today that camels make everything better, and you know what? Boy howdy, was I right!

I mean, Kinkade isn't exactly the most exciting painter in the world, but when you add Angry Egyptian Camel Guy to the mix, it really does just kinda leap off the paper, doesn't it?

Let's test this with some other traditionally dry subjects, and see if we can't mix things up a bit, shall we?

Linked by: TBM.CD, Pirate's Cove (with some funnies!), The Jawa Report.

Golf's looking a bit more exciting, too!

How about the opera? Think Angry Egyptian Camel Guy can improve that, too?

Why yes, yes he does!

Have any other ideas of things that Angry Egyptian Camel Guy would improve? Feel free to download my handy dandy (but pretty crappy) Angry Egyptian Camel Guy cut-out, and put it into whatever you want to see him do. Just be sure to share it with us down in the Comments Section, so we can all enjoy the fun!

  #FridayFun #SnappedShots


#1 S. Weasel 02-Feb-2011

So, where you going next, Angry Egyptian Camel Guy?




#2 S. Weasel 02-Feb-2011

Hm. The image upload process is pretty impenetrable. I assumed I needed to do an image link, which seemed to work okay, but then showed the red X and offered me an attachment dialogue instead. Which was a bit awkward.

Just sayin'

#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Feb-2011

Sorry for the headaches - I need to figure out a cleaner way to handle all of this mess, I reckon. At least it uploaded - Thanks for the laugh, Weasel!! :)

#4 I'm Really Brian 02-Feb-2011

Just testing to make sure all of this junk works... :)

#5 I'm Really Brian 02-Feb-2011

Yeah, that could be user-friendly-er. Hmm, looks like I need to go shopping for Drupal modules again. :)

#6 S. Weasel 02-Feb-2011

Well, the original was 600 px wide. But the dialogue wouldn't upload it, I assumed until I downsized it to 400. Which I did and it worked -- but 400 isn't really optimum, is it?

Still -- I'd much rather do file attachments than host it somewhere else...that's just such a pain.

#7 Administrator 02-Feb-2011

The 400 pixel limit was a holdover from a previous blog template. I've upped it to 560x1024 or so, so hopefully images will fit the current style a little bit better. Sorry for the trouble, Weas! :)

#8 S. Weasel 02-Feb-2011

Excellent! No problem.

Now if I could just find a nice big picture of the Wheel of Fortune set...

#9 William Teach 02-Feb-2011

Linked ya up at Pirate's Cove. Spam filters hate my URL. Sigh

#10 DMartyr 04-Feb-2011

Ha! How about an Angry Egyptian Camel Guy Press conference?


#11 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Feb-2011

Hahah, that's awesome! Thanks alot, DM!

#12 Anonymous 04-Feb-2011

Angry Camel Guy visits the halls of Congress?

#13 hmf..... 04-Feb-2011


#14 hmf..... 04-Feb-2011

islamic rageboy/camel guy raids the white house

#15 hmf..... 04-Feb-2011


#16 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Feb-2011


#17 hmf..... 04-Feb-2011

Spring Break!

#18 Brian C. Ledbetter 07-Mar-2011

Whoops—Looks like the comment images didn't make it to the new blog format! Guess I need to figure out how to restore that...

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