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A Flock of Women

Flighty as the birds?

I am somewhat amused by photos like this. The composition and alignment in this case, taken by Reuters stringer Ahmad Masood, serves to highlight the abject subjugation of women in Afghanistan (and many other parts of the Islamic world). This, I am sure, was not his intent, but it's the result nonetheless.

The thing is, photos like this could easily be used in a campaign against the very real abuse of women present in these cultures, yet for some strange reason, they're not. Instead, we're told time and time again that these women, by being forced to cover themselves head to toe (with all of the resulting maladies that result from a lack of exposure to sunlight)—by their husbands and fathers, no less—is somehow their "choice."

Liberal feminists would be sickening if they weren't so daggum predictable.

Afghan women wait for their turn at a World Food Program (WFP) distribution centre in Kabul February 10, 2011. The Afghan government will issue a tender to purchase 200,000 tonnes of wheat on world markets within two months as the country prepares for a possible drought that could hit local grain output, the agriculture minister said. REUTERS/Ahmad Masood (AFGHANISTAN)

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PS: While feminists haven't figured out that this male-dominated tradition is abusive to women, there are plenty of other things that they have repeatedly decried. Here are some of my favorites: Regular sex, (Non-islamic) religion, conservative politicians (Bill Clinton gets infinite passes), dangerous commments, and finally, everything in the world about Rush Limbaugh.

Seeing how silent these buffons are when it comes to sexism committed by "protected" groups, how can one not sit back and laugh?

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#1 Citizen Tom 11-Feb-2011

I don't think  Liberal feminists make women's rights their first concern. Liberal feminists promote the Liberal world view. That view is so bigoted it does not envision Islam as it is, a religion that its adherents take quite seriously. When Liberals see Islam, they substitute multiculturalism and their own wishy-washy ideas about God. Instead seeing Islam as a serious religion, they think Islam so primitive they don't think it necessary to take it seriously.

Why do so many accept the theory that separates Islam into two camps, radical Islam and moderate Islam? Too few read the Koran. Yet even if most Muslims are moderates, what the Koran says about women should still alarm feminists. If a follower of Islam believes the Koran, he will view women as second class citizens, and she must willingly accept that second class status.

Yet Liberal feminists, their brains muddled by multiculturalism, refuse to see the obvious. Each People believes in and values different things. Other Peoples sometimes have beliefs and practices we can tolerate. Sometimes other Peoples have beliefs and practices, like cannibalism, we must refuse to tolerate. 


We cannot ignore the fact Muslims live by their own beliefs. Unlike multiculturalists, Muslims see only one path to salvation, their own. So we must ask to what extent Muslims will allow others to take their own paths apart from Islam.

The Koran teaches Muslims to fight for and die for Islam, to spread their religion to infidel lands. Are Muslims prepared to use force? What does the Koran say? What do Muslims believe it says? What will Muslims do to reconcile what the Koran says with what they do? Only time will tell. 


Every American needs to read two books: the Bible and the Koran. We each need to compare the two and understand the differences. We need to discover what makes the Bible foundational to the culture of the West. We need to ask how the Koran makes the Middle East different. I think then we will begin to understand the opportunity we missed.

Before literacy became commonplace in the Middle East, we should have spread Christianity. Now, however, it is a bit late. In time, I fear all of us, even Liberal dingbats, will find any illusions we hold about Islam shattered by violence.

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