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Staged protest, unstaged photograph!

The photo above might look pretty much the same as every other one that's been shipped out of Iran over the past year, but in reality, it is radically different: In response to an Iranian ban on foreign photographic services, Agence France-Presse has defied the regime and started using third-party sources for their reporting material.

Which is exactly what we here at Snapped Shot said the press needed to do, if it wanted to stay relevant.

My hat is off to AFP for a job well done! I eagerly await seeing what your now-uncensored news feed will begin to provide!

EDS NOTE: FOLLOWING AN OFFICIAL BAN ON FOREIGN MEDIA OUTLETS COVERING DEMONSTRATIONS IN IRAN, AFP IS USING PICTURES FROM ALTERNATIVE SOURCES--People protest as they take part in the funeral of Sanee Zhaleh, a student who was shot dead during an opposition rally two days ago, in Tehran on February 16, 2011. AFP PHOTO/STR (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)

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PS: I reserve the right to revoke my praise for AFP, if and only if I catch them using Iranian news agencies (all of whom act as carefully-controlled mouthpieces of the Iranian government) as "sources." I am currently in the process of searching the aforementioned regime news services for this photo at present, so time will tell whether or not the praise stands.

PPS: Notice the Hezbollah flag? Me too.

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