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When All You Have Is A Hammer

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My apologies for the silence here over the past few days—I've still been absorbing the shock of everything that's been happening over in Japan.

While we're on the topic, I ran across the photo above this morning, and while I'm sure the people of Japan are just thrilled to death (dark pun intended) that the lovely ladies of FEMEN are willing to go topless in their defense, I don't think for one second that the Earth really cares whether or not they want to shake their boobs.

Sabina, an activist of FEMEN, preparing at a Kiev cafe for FEMEN'S demonstration is support for the people of Japan.Kiev, Ukraine. (Photographer not credited/Demotix Images)

[ Daylife Link ]

PS: I don't usually do this, but the sheer hilarity our Demotix photographer shows deserves highlighting—Here are the tags embedded within this series of photos:

Our World; Demonstration; Rally; People; Human Rights; Our world; Politics; Society; Colour; 2011_tsunami_japan; Anna Hutsol; boobs; demonstration; earthquake; Femen; feminism; feminist; Human Rights; Inna Shevchenko; japan; Khreshchatyk; Kiev; Kyiv; Politics; Climate Change; Health Care; Environment; Society; 

PPS: I challenge any one of you to figure out what it is exactly that this has to do with "feminism." Or heck, health care, climate change, or even the environment!

Ponder over the full series at Daylife (Very NSFW, so I'm not linking; use your own amazing searching power instead) and check back in here with your answers—which I am sure will be fantastic!

 Tags: FEMEN DEMOTIX tone deaf #YourProtestStinks


#1 John 15-Mar-2011

Thanks for the Daylife mention, Brian. For those inclined and not put off by their NSFW nature, here's a direct link to our FEMEN photos:

I have to agree with you that the effect of bare breasts on plate tectonics is likely to be small.  Ah well, exhibitionists will be exhibitionistic.

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 16-Mar-2011


My pleasure! I always like to send as much traffic over your way as humanly possible, since Daylife is the most useful news aggregation engine on the entire Internet—And heck, I definitely would've linked directly to that search query if it weren't for the sheer NSFWness of it all, but now that you've done it, it's that much easier for everyone to click! :)

These girls are definitely a bunch of regular attention w... well, you get the idea. That's why I continue to like them so much, I guess!


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