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Reuters Leaves Something Out

The anger of misinformation.

I noticed that this series of photos was missing from my Hamas monitor this morning, and it took me a minute to figure out why. Reuters stringer Ibraheem Abu Mustafa really shows the world how he's going the distance, at least when it comes to hiding the fact that this was a strike on a Hamas training camp, in which two Hamas militants were killed.

One man's "Palestinian" is another's "Hamas militant," after all—but if you rely on Reuters to provide you with the news, you would likely have missed the distinction. Heck, even my mortal enemies at the Associated Press got it right, so what's that say about the famed Reuters Middle East Desk?

A Palestinian man gestures at the scene after an Israeli air strike on a security compound in the Gaza Strip March 16, 2011. Israeli warplanes fired two missiles at the security compound in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Wednesday, killing two Palestinians, Palestinian medical officials said. The Israeli military had no immediate comment, but said shortly beforehand that a rocket had been fired from Gaza at Israel, apparently causing no casualties. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA)

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#1 Really Jon 17-Mar-2011

A wide angle shot with nothing smoldering, no dust in the air, no detritus (except the rags in the foreground), just nice clean rubble.  An oddly sterile post-battle scene...

#2 Kevin 19-Mar-2011

That's an edited photo.  Here's the original.  Apparently those guys hate asparagus.



#3 Kevin, totally verified 19-Mar-2011

I just verified this comment.

#4 Kevin is verified 19-Mar-2011

Hmm, that didn't work.

#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 22-Mar-2011

LOL @ Kevin's shenanigans (and excellent photoshop) :)

Ooo, that reminds me, I still need to figure out a way to restore all of the OLD photoshops that people submitted to the pre-upgraded site. Hmm, now where'd I put my thinking cap...?

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