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Shock and AAAAAAA!

Jack Guez/AFP captures this protest quite hilariously. I'm torn between the wildly over-the-top scarved fellow and the shocked look of the lady on the left in picking my favorite part of the composition, but the whole scene is definitely up there amongst the best of the best as far as I'm concerned.

But that's not all! As if the above shot wasn't enough, our stringer adds to the hilarity in caption, applying the broad "right-wing" brush to the people on the other side—Who don't really look scary enough to require the police's attention, so it's curious as to why they've been invited.

Except, of course, for our angry little fellow above, that is.

Arab-Israeli shout slogans as they protest against an Israeli right-wing demonstration nearby against "the Islamic Movement's operations in the city" and "the Islamic takeover" of Jaffa , a mixed Jewish and Arab Israeli neighbourhood just south of Tel Aviv, on March 02, 2011. Large police forces were deployed to prevent clashes with residents. AFP PHOTO / JACK GUEZ (Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

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