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Calculating Protest Coverage

The vast expanse of... empty pavement.

Ask yourself this: If a local Tea Party chapter were to call a "Save Our Country" rally that drew (judging by the photo above) fewer than a hundred people, what do you think the chances would be of getting coverage like this? Would any wire service even bother to send one single photographer to cover it?

Judging by the wire service feed, the answer to that is, as expected -- but toss in a handful of (ahem, paid) union activists, and the coverage flows forth like a torrent.

Strange how the calculus of protest significance always seems to work out towards the Left's favor.

People make their views known as they march together during one of several "Awake The State" events held around the state of Florida to protest the proposed budget cuts that Florida Governor Rick Scott wants to pass on March 8, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. Today marked the beginning of the Florida Legislative session in Tallahassee where the new Republican governor has pledged to cut taxes even as the state faces a budget deficit. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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PS: Full "tea party" photo coverage here. I challenge you to find one single protest on the wire that wasn't intended to counterprotest some brainless leftist protest, which the media slavishly attend, no matter how utterly insignificant they really are.

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