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Trademark Infringement 101

Somebody else's property, of the intellectual kind.

Looks like Apple's copyright infringement team has been slacking lately, seeing that they approved whatever this Chinese knock-off is called:

The protagonist of this game name Monino, in the story of this game, Monino's brother was captured by a monster named Bowler, he is on the road to Bowler's castle to rescue his brother, a lot of monsters in different levels are waiting for him, would you like to join Monino's rescue action? Go!

Sure, you can try to fool us by calling Mario "Monino" and Bowser "Bowler," but the fact still remains—This game belongs to Nintendo.

Here's hoping that Apple shuts this down real quick.



#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 28-Apr-2011

Looks like Kotaku's picking up on this story... which is great, seeing how I sent it to the Gizmodo tips line yesterday.


#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-May-2011

And it would appear that Monino is officially dead. Glad to see that somebody woke up over in Cupertino...

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