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Green and White... But Mostly White

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This photo, part of a series posted by Reuters, cracks me up.

Firstly, based on the green hats and carefully-printed signs, we can pretty easily point out that this is a totally astroturfed event. The crowd, gathered together via mailing lists, pretends to be a spontaneous outpouring of American opinion. Of course, the fact that it's led by none other than the incredibly cheerful Richard Trumka tells us exactly what we already knew: Unions. The "civic" organizations that are one hundred percent tax-free money laundering operations for leftist causes all over the country, synonymous as always with aritificial protest.

More importantly, I'd like to point out that this is one of the whitest crowds I've seen in a while. So lilly-white, even, that I'd almost suspect that we're looking at the inside of a Bloomingdale's or something. For a group that constantly bleats about how diversity is our strength, one would have thought that they'd put just a little bit bit more effort into actually, you know, being diverse.

But then again, it's the message that matters when Leftists start doing things, so little things like "actually practicing what they preach" should be overlooked, as always.

Demonstrators outside the White House chant during a rally to protest British Petroleum (BP) and the US Chamber of Commerce calling for Americans to "Take Action on Tax Day to Make Big Polluters Pay" in Washington, DC, April 18, 2011. AFP PHOTO/Jim WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

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#1 Kevin 23-Apr-2011

Hey, there's something weird about your site.  If you go to the homepage, it shows exactly one single article.  Could you make it not do that?  If it were my choice, I'd prefer to see a list of articles that you've written in the past weeks/months.


In any event, it's good to have you back!

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 23-Apr-2011

It's not an accident. The single-article thing is me "copying" Nick Denton and Gawker. I really like the way it lets the reader focus on one detailed thing at a time (with all of the additional entertainment, not all of which is worthy of the front page, placed over yonder -->)

Anyway, glad you're still around, man! Hopefully, I'll actually be entertaining this time around!

#3 Kevin 23-Apr-2011

Ok.  It doesn't really affect me since I read you via RSS (via this awesome piece of software).  I'm just glad that you are posting again.  Your site is sometimes fun, sometimes funny, always informative and usually quite enjoyable to read.  Thanks for coming back.


Don't ever change, Ledbetter :).

#4 Kevin 23-Apr-2011

One more gripe, then I won't bother you again.  THAT CAPTCHA THING SUCKS BIGTIME!  I ALWAYS have to type it in at least twice to get it to go through, and this last time took 7 tries.  I'm rarely proud enough of my comments to attempt to get them through seven freakin' times.


I bet it's hurting the number of flyby commenters.  Have you considered just turning it off and dealing with the spam?  Or of just making the captcha something consistent and easy, like "USA"?


Ok, off to the captcha monster to get this thing posted.  Wish me luck!

#5 Administrator 23-Apr-2011

That's really weird, but whatever. I just chucked Mollom out the window. From now on, Snapped Shot rides on in full-spam-friendly mode, and I'll just have to clean out the buckets of junk more often.

Let me know if for whatever reason this doesn't fix it! :)

#6 Kevin 24-Apr-2011

As that short green guy from Star Wars would say, "Awesome you are."

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