The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Comments: Wide Open

Knockout punch!

After receiving complaints that the spam prevention system here at Snapped Shot is inconveniently horrible, I've gone ahead and nuked it. So, from here on out, we're going full-on, wide-open comments, spammers welcome. (Well, maybe not "welcome," but at least they be able to stick around until I nuke 'em the old-fashioned way.)

In case you're not familiar with Snapped Shot's comment policy, allow me to sum it up as: Anything goes. What I say above the fold is my opinion, what you say below the fold is yours, and I'm not one to dictate to you what you should say.

So there. Let's celebrate by seeing exactly how many spam comments we can collect on this thread! Woot!



#1 Kevin 24-Apr-2011


#2 Kevin 24-Apr-2011

Hahah, excellent.  Happy Easter, Snapped Shot!

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